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January 27, 2006

January 27, 2006

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Race Track

Race Track
Juan, Camie, Josh, Me

CPK Goodbye dinner

CPK Goodbye dinner
Josh, Erin, Brooke, Josh, Brandon, Camie, Juan. Right before we moved to Texas from Cali.
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Thursday, May 28, 2009


This is a typical breakfast for Josh, anything and everything that is quick and easy...

Yes, there is a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats, water, and Cran Grape juice.

Then, the next thing you know, there are strawberry toaster strudels added to the mix. He's a nerd.

We added another pair to our family.

We got two kittens. I know, we are retarded. We only have a name of the tabby, and that's Abby...Josh came up with that...and then gray one we haven't figured out yet.

Wiener Dog Days

Well, in Buda, TX, which is just about five minutes North of where we live, they have the Wiener Dog Days Festival. Basically there are a bunch of booths where people sell homemade things and things for dogs and everybody brings their dogs of all kinds. They have wiener dog races that were a whole lot of fun to watch. We were going to put Otis and Chloe in but we had to have their papers and stuff like that, so we didn't, but if we're around next year, we are definitely going to. Chloe wouldn't win because she's kind of slow, but Otis is so ridiculously fast that he might actually have a chance. So we are excited about that. It was so cute. They basically have these cubby hole things that the dogs hang out in and then the owners will be at the other end of the "race track" with their favorite toy or whatnot and basically just entice them. It's pretty hilarious. Sometimes the dogs would start running and then get a little preoccupied with the other dogs around them, so they would start chasing the other dogs. Hilarious! We can't wait to put them in next year.

This is a picture of Josh, Chloe and Otis just chilling, waiting for the races to start. I wish I would have taken a picture of all the people that showed up, it was ridiculous. The people in the background of the picture above is just a little taste. It was ridiculous. They also had a bunch of wiener dogs that were dressed up in all kinds of outfits.

Otis thought it would be fun to make himself comfortable against somebody else's back...luckily they didn't mind because I don't think he would have cared at all.

Chloe likes to hang out on dad's lap, so that's pretty much where she stayed.

Here's a picture where you can see where the dogs hang out until they are let out. Each lane has sponsors, pretty funny.

I almost had to sit in the back seat of the car on our way to the races. The dogs wouldn't get out of my seat, they decided to make themselves comfortable. They both ended up on my lap for the way there. They are so cute!

Year Warranty Almost Up

Well, we've been in our house almost a year now. I can't believe it, but it will be a year on June 5th. Since that's coming up so quickly, we've been really busy trying to get everything taken care of that can be under warranty before it ends. Our two biggest concerns have been the backsplash in the kitchen that was never properly finished. That has been frustrating, but it's almost done. We have our last appointment for them to come and stain the grout all one color (since each time they have come, they have used a different color of grout...) on June 5th. Can't wait for that to be done. And then the other big concern was the garage. Where to start? Well, first of all, the garage leaked majorly. Anytime it rained, the whole inside of our garage would be wet, including anything that was sitting on the ground...talk about irritating. So, that's what these pictures are of. They had to lower our sidewalk going from our patio to the garage because apparently it was too high and wasn't allowing the water to get by, so it would just sit against the garage, making the leaking a whole lot worse. Here are the guys working on it. I was taking pictures of them through the windows and stuff because I didn't want them to think I was weird, so hopefully they didn't see me. I thought it was pretty cool that we had a cement truck at our house, so I took lots of pictures of that. I doubt the neighbors thought it was great though, because they couldn't get into their garages, but oh well, at least we now have a garage that stays dry!

That's basically the only big things that we have been trying to get done. There are a few little things that we are trying to get them to finish, but I know they will.

I will try to take pictures some time soon of the house and different things that we have gotten accomplished in the year that we've been there, but I will just give a quick update for those that are wondering.

The house is pretty much furnished. We had everything that we needed for our room already, so that was basically finished when we moved in. We pretty much had everything that we needed for the kitchen as well. Then comes the living/dining room. We had nothing for these rooms, and they are now fully furnished with a glass top table, bar stools, a settee, a chair, and a curio cabinet. I just bought curtains for the living/dining room as well, so I am working on getting those done. I have to cut them in half and finish those, so it might be a little bit longer before that's done. Then there's the upstairs loft area, which will be the office area once the projects get done. We bought a desk for there, still haven't finished it yet, but it will be done soon. We also refinished some bookshelves that my parents gave us and those are up there. The only thing we need to get for up there is a filing cabinet. Then there's the media room. We have a couch up there, a big screen TV mounted to the wall, a mini fridge and a microwave for Josh (because he's lazy and doesn't like to get up to get himself popcorn or something to drink). I just found the curtains that I want for that room, so I have to order those, and then decorate a little bit in there, and then that room will be finished. The upstairs bathroom is completed as well, and I think it turned out super cute! Then there's the third bedroom. That is a work in progress. It's going to eventually be a workout room. We have an elliptical machine in there, a dumbell set, a workout bench, a pull-up bar, and I think that's basically it. At some point we would like to get a TV to mount on the wall in there for our work out videos, but that will happen some time down the road. I would also like to get one of those hideaway beds that pulls down from the wall for when people visit, but those things are so expensive that it probably won't ever happen. There's always dreaming though, right? Anyway, that's basically it. I feel that we've gotten a lot accomplished over the year. There's still a lot to be done but we have a lot of time for them to get finished.