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January 27, 2006

January 27, 2006

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Race Track

Race Track
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CPK Goodbye dinner

CPK Goodbye dinner
Josh, Erin, Brooke, Josh, Brandon, Camie, Juan. Right before we moved to Texas from Cali.
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Media Room

So, after a lot of bumping heads on how to decorate the media room, we have both come to an agreement, and I must say, I am pretty excited about it!

We got a caricature for our one year anniversary at Universal Studios: Hollywood, and who would have thought that that would become the inspiration. Well, it has.
We decided that it would go well in the room since it has a movie theme, Spiderman, and since it was a cartoon. So, we decided to go this way all around. We are going to have a total of 3 caricatures that are of us in different superhero movies. Here are the other two. We just got them in the mail two days ago, and love them.
Batman and Catwoman

Iron Man and secretary

These are going to go right next to each other on the wall as soon as you walk in the room. You can see that wall in the below picture. There's one caricature already on the wall, the other ones will be on either side of it.Then, on the large wall that is totally blank right now, we are going to have caricatures done of our favorite actors/actresses in our favorite movies. Also, on the wall right next to the curtains, we are going to have a caricature done of our favorite TV show, Gilmore Girls, with the whole cast.
I think it's going to look really good when it's done. Although it will be a work in progress because we can only afford to do about 2 caricatures a month. Still super excited, though!

My family

So, sometimes, this is what I come home to, and I just love it!

Shocker Collars

My poor dogs not only have had to wear shocker collars for their underground fence but now, may I introduce you to the barking collars...

Yes, maybe you think we are bad owners, but let me just explain. When we first got the dogs, we would let them go outside and they would just stay in our yard, without the shocking collars for the fence. Well, as they got older, they wanted to expand their horizons, which lead to them pooping in neighbors yards, going across the street, etc. So, much to my demise, we got the shocker collars and the underground fence. I am definitely now a fan.

It was really great to be able to let the dogs outside and not have to worry about them. I'm sure they have enjoyed it as well.

The neighbors...not so much.

I think they would rather have poop on their yard then have to hear them bark one more time. Not only are they sick of it (they haven't said so, but who wouldn't be annoyed at constant barking) but so am I. So, we finally gave in and got them barking collars. So, yes, they have to wear two collars now when they are outside instead of one. They should have pretty strong necks pretty soon, cuz I'm sure they are heavy.

Now, before you go on and think we are bad owners, let me assure you that we take all precautions to make sure these things are okay for the dogs. Maybe these pictures will help you understand what I mean.

Yes, third time's a charm. He finally barked loud enough for it to work...the red light shows that it's working.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cinnamon roll with a side of dessert.

So, we walked around the Riverwalk pretty much all day in San Antonio. After all was said and done, we decided to go to Lulu's which has the largest Cinnamon roll. For some reason, can't quite figure out why, we decided to walk there. Now, I know a mile doesn't seem like a long way...but after walking all day, it definitely was. We were all the biggest complainers! But we made it, and the cinnamon roll was actually very delicious. It was featured on the Food Network. So, here are the pictures from that.

Before we dug in. This is what 3 pounds of cinnamon roll looks like:
After we devoured it. We couldn't even finish it between the four of us. I just couldn't believe they asked us if we wanted one or two...

Now, on the way home, walking was much easier. I think it's because we sat about an hour, and had a bunch of water. So, we get to the car, I look down, and a bird pooped on me! Seriously! So, I drove home the entire way from San Antonio to Kyle trying not to accidentally touch it or get it anywhere in my car. It was pretty much disgusting.

3-D ride.

It was kind of a lame ride, but here's the pics.

Guinness World Records

So, Jordan and Cody, Josh's sister and her husband, came down to Texas over Labor Day weekend. We did a few things, including going to San Antonio, where we went to visit the Alamo, just because we could. We also went to the Guinness World Records, and also a place called LuLu's that has the biggest cinnamon rolls...3 pounds!

Guinnes World Records:

Here, we tested our passion factor. I must say that I believe this little machine...here's what we got.

Jordan got Lousy
I got sexy. (That's why I believe it)

Cody got lousy (hey, at least Jordan and Cody match)
And Josh got cold.
A few other things from Guinness:

Here's how we compare to the largest man.
Here's Josh compared to the shortest woman.

We played a bunch of different video games.

Twirling basketballs on our fingers.

I think this is a statue of the size of the largest man.

Josh pulled the tail at his own risk, and if I remember correctly, it mooed and tooted.