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January 27, 2006

January 27, 2006

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CPK Goodbye dinner
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Monday, March 31, 2008

Birthday, Movies, House & Pizza fun!

Well, pretty much, I'm lazy! So I decided that I would just make one big post instead of 3 or 4 little ones, so here it goes! My birthday was on friday, march 28th (p.s. I am 22...I feel so old, although I know I'm not). It was fun. We went to a friend's house and played games and then after that we went to the movies to see Shutter.
It was pretty good! I jumped a few times. Well, I shouldn't say pretty good, but it was all right. We were in the movies theater watching the movie and towards the end, all of a sudden, the lights turned on, the movie turned off, and the fire alarm was going off. Some retard pulled the fire alarm so we had to all meet in the lobby. To make a long story short, we did get to see the end of the movie, but it was with the lights off, and without sound. The sound didn't turn on again until about the last two minutes of the movie. But we did get free passes for next time, so that was good.

All right, what's next? Oh, the next day we went to the movies and saw 21. It was really good too! Don't take your kids though, there was a few little scenes that were a little inappropriate.

Stardust! That's the next movie that we saw. That was really good! A cute little fantasy. If you like Enchanted, you'll like it!

Okay, so the house...it's going pretty slow right now. We were hoping that it would be done by the end of April, they are still telling us April 19, but it's looking like it's going to be the end of May to us. But, there is one new improvement! They put the shingles on the house. That's really all that is new.

Okay, so pizza fun! That's what we did today. Me and Josh decided to make homemade pizzas for everybody today and they turned out really good! It was fun.

So, you're pretty much caught up now! Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Fun!

So, my whole family made fun of me when they found out that I bought egg coloring packets so that we could dye the easter eggs. They asked me if I was three. I told them that I was going to color them by myself but, they saw how fun I was having and decided to join in on the fun!

Josh and Brandon decided to do it with me, and my Uncle Carl had already told me that he would do it with me. So, needless to say we wanted to figure out who had the best looking eggs so we need your help. I have added a poll to my blog to see who wins! Make sure you vote! Okay back to Easter! I made the cutest little Easter baskets for my Sunbeams that they loved! That was my tool to keep them quiet during class. I had the baskets sitting on the table during the whole class and I would tell them that they wouldn't get their basket unless they were quiet! It's amazing how much a little bit of candy can do! Anyway, after we dyed our eggs, I wanted to do an Easter egg hunt! That took a little convincing too, but Josh andn Brandon did it with me. Me and Brandon tied 7-7 I don' have a picture of that one. Then me and Josh went and he won beating me 12-2...I know pathetic!

And then Brandon and Josh went against eachother (p.s. they were the ones that didn't want to do the hunt and when I told them that I was done hiding them they came running down the stairs so that they could get down there first. Boys, they're such nerds!) Anyway, Brandon ended up beating Josh 10-4. I think it's funny!

Hope everybody's Easter was just as fun as ours! All right, time to look at the eggs and vote!

The eggs above are Josh's eggs...his nickname is Wezal from his mission I think.

These eggs above are Brandon's eggs.

These are obviously my eggs...hence the name.

These eggs are my Uncle Carl's eggs. Don't forget to vote to let us know who won!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rain, Rain and More Rain!!!!

So, here in Texas today we have a tornado warning and a TON of rain. I was driving home from school and was going about 30 on the freeway because I couldn't see a thing, even with my windshield wipers set on high. It was a little annoying. And since it's that bad, I'm going to have to leave way earlier for work only to get there and it be totally slow because nobody will want to drive to CPK in the rain. Anyway, not too excited about it. I'm getting ready to take some pictures so I will post them later. Oh, and there's a whole lot of thunder and lightning! I think that part's kind of fun! Wish me luck on getting to work!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

IT'S PAINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so on Thursday, I went down to the house before work just to check it out cause I had some extra time. I was pleasantly surprised when I got there because it was painted!!!!! I was so excited. I called Josh and he was in the area so he came over to look at it with me. Instead of enjoying it, he found a ton of things that we were wrong with the house and just complained the whole time! Totally ruined my moment, but oh well. I was still excited. We went back today and he didn't complain at all. Here are some pictures of the house!
P.S. Update on the garage...it's not royal purple anymore...it's royal blue!!!!! Well, what can I say? I'm stuck with this color so I'd better act like I like it. It's definitely much better than the purple, that's for sure! I'll fill you in in a week on the update.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008

House updates!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so I have a funny story. Me and Josh go down every sunday to look at the progress on the house and to make sure there aren't any mistakes since we have had a few problems before. All of the siding is now up on the house and most of the wiring inside of the house is done. Surprisingly they got everything right!! Josh had some specific requests and they got it right. Anyway, all they have left to do is wire the security system and get the phone jacks and cable wires in. Then they can start sheet rocking it!!!! They said we will have a sheet rock meeting in about a week. Once they get the sheet rock up, it is only 6 weeks till it's done. Anyway back to the funny story. Well, when we first went and looked at the new lot that we were going to build on, we met our next door neighbors which is two guys that are a couple. They invited us in and they were super nice. I think josh was a little worried at first, but he's used to it now. So, then we were talking to my dad an he told us that he has a lesbian girl that works for him that says that her and her partner live on the street that we are moving to, well, we found out that they are two houses down from the two guys next door, so that was kind of funny. So, back to yesterday, we were finishing looking at our house and these two ladies and this little boy walked in and told us that they were just coming in to look at the progress of the house. We started talking to them and found out that they are moving in right next door to us...............can you believe that? What are the odds? Who would have thought that we we would be the odd couple on the street. I bet they are thinking, "can you believe we are living to a male and female couple" just kidding. It was just funny. But we are glad to say that we do have really nice neighors and we like them a lot. I just wonder what they are going to think when they find out we are LDS. Mom said we just need to have a big copy of the Proclamation up on our wall in large print...I don't know how that would go over. Well, that's my funny story. I told the two ladies though that they need to make sure that the garage isn't purple before they sign the papers because otherwise it might never change...they laughed. They are moving in at the end of this week.

Garage is sitll purple, but supposedly it's supposed to be painted this thursday, so I guess we will find out on sunday. I'll keep you posted.

Oh, one more thing. Remember how I told you about the laundry room? Well, yesterday we took a tape measure with us and measured each of the different laundry rooms in the same model of house and the others, like I said, are way bigger. They are 44 inches with sheetrock and ours is 33 inches without sheetrock...can you believe that there is such a huge difference? They are going to see what they can do about that now. I'll keep you posted on that too!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

House updates

Sorry, I don't have a picture of what the house looks like because, guess what...it looks exactly the same. I was so sad. Well the inside has changed a little tiny bit because they put the air conditioner thing in but that's it. Otherwise it's the same. We are supposed to be having the sheetrock meeting sometime next week so I guess it will change after that...I don't know. I am getting so anxious. I think it is making it go a lot slower. Oh, and we went through three other houses that are farther along than ours is that are the same model and for some reason their laundry rooms are quite a bit bigger than ours. so I called our house manager guy to find out why and he said that he would check out what the measurements are and then get back to me. Well, when I got off of work, I had a message from him and it said, "Hey Brooke, this is John from Legacy Homes, I just wanted to let you know that I measured the laundry room and you were right, it is 1 1/2 inches too narrow." Are you kidding me? Do you really think I would notice if the laundry room was only 1 1/2 inches too narrow, seriously? So, I am going to be measuring all of the others and compare it to mine this weekend and we'll see what's really going down...because you all know I need as big of a laundry room as I can get because of all of the clothes that I have...

I'll let you all know how that goes.

P.S. The garage is still purple...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Updated house pics!!!!!!!!!

We went to look at the house not this last sunday, but the sunday before and they were still putting up the frame on the house!

And then last sunday we went to look at the progress on our house and it looked like this!I can't believe it is coming along so quickly!!!!!! This is the back of the house...yes, the garage is still purple!
Here are some pictures of the inside:

We are going there tomorrow so I will post the new pictures then. Can't wait till it's done!!!!!!!!